What's going on / Coming up
2012-10-14 19:37:39
LoL show match -- Alex vs Lien
2012-10-13 08:24:20
DayZ Hunger Games! -- May the odds be forver in your favor!
2012-02-01 10:43:33
Out for dinner tonight. Catch you guys later!
2012-01-30 14:55:32
Was a busy weekend! Not sure whats up for tonight, will try to get some streaming in.
2012-01-27 18:34:32
Some 1vs1s tonight. TF skills on the table.
2012-01-24 18:34:03
Late Post. More LoL tonight, should be streaming later on.
2012-01-23 14:52:28
Will be streaming some games tonight, most likely LoL. Hoping to do D3 beta tomorrow.
2012-01-22 09:11:40
Out again for most the day today. If I get home before bed will stream some!
2012-01-21 09:54:01
Got plans tonight. Catch you guys tomorrow
2012-01-20 18:34:20
Because we are original looks like more LoL, maybe with friends tonight
2012-01-20 08:25:06
Not sure what is no the menu for tonight. Will post when I do :)
2012-01-19 09:44:38
Drinks tonight after work! Will be on later, most likely LoL again tonight
2012-01-18 10:11:41
More LoL tonight most likely
2012-01-18 09:10:28
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